Thursday, February 23, 2023

Jackson O'Doherty's Ass

Sexy male Jackson O'Doherty is back on OnlyFans, and he is definitely not disappointing with his content! Check out this video, courtesy of LPSG, of Jackson's girl playing with his ass:

Lucky girl!

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

New Name, Who Dis?

We're back under a new name! After much consideration, we have decided to change our name from to Sexiest Males. We found that made it feel like this blog was only for gay men in Canada, but our intention is for this blog to be for anyone who gets turned on by males, men, guys, dudes, many possibilities! So no matter your sexual orientation, gender, or location, if you are into males, this blog is for you!

Welcome back, everyone! Now let's see some sexy males 😍

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Mitchell Eason Nude!

 In case you missed it, the handsome Mitchell Eason from Season 2 of The Circle has had his dick pic leaked, and it is just as beautiful as he is! Here it is from LPSG:

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Twitter Gave Us a Slap on the Wrist!

Several news sites, including the New York Post, said yesterday that we were the first ones to leak the Jesse Williams nudes on Twitter. To clarify, we did not take this footage! We simply found it and shared it with the world. From our research, the first place where the leaks were shared was actually LPSG (in a now-DMCA'd post). Unfortunately, sharing the footage got us suspended from posting any new tweets for 12 hours. The post in question was also deleted by Twitter.

As a result, we will be revising our previous tweets and being more careful from now. Our tweets will be more teaser-like, with the actual content being shared here. Hopefully, Blogger doesn't come after us as well!

Anyway, we will be back once the suspension is over. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes peeled for more leaks to share with you all!

Monday, May 9, 2022

Jesse Williams' Full Frontal Finally Leaked!

Jesse Williams is part of the new Broadway play "Take Me Out," where he has a full-frontal nude scene where he showers. Natually, the whole gay world wanted to see that, but security was tight at the theatre, with patrons being unable to record or take pictures. It was to be expected that someone would find a way to record this for all of us to see. We have the leak! It came from a now-deleted Twitter user called @PROMOZ4U (although we don't know if this user was the person who actually shot the footage). In any case, Jesse Williams should be proud of his amazing cock! Here it is:

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Anthony Cushion Dick Slip

 Famous fitness YouTuber and hottie, Anthony Cushion, who recently got married to Canadian Nick Toteda, accidentally flashed us his dick in an OnlyFans post. The pair have been remarkably vanilla with their posts, barely showing more than what Instagram would allow. In the video in question, Anthony jerks off and cums on Nick's ass. Their intention was to not show anything, as usual, but his beautiful dick slipped into the frame for a split second. The video cost $18, and it was deleted by Anthony and made inaccessible even for those who paid for it, which has made quite a few users angry. No comment has been made by either of them about it since it happened.

Here is his beautiful, big, uncut dick, courtesy of LPSG:

Seth Rollins' Nudes (WWE Wrestler)

Apparently, these nudes were leaked by Seth's ex-girlfriend on social media. Images from